Creating the Super Athlete (DVD/CD)


The purpose of this course program is to teach high school, and young college athletes how to win in competition, as a student, person, and learn what it will take to be a successful college student athlete. Athletes will learn how to:

  • Respect their coaches and teammates so they can help their team win;
  • Develop new and responsible habits so they can be better athletes, stay out of trouble, and not cause problems for athletic programs;
  • Excel as students while balancing their athletic career so they can graduate;
  • Become a model athlete so they can attract community support to athletic programs as well as support for their academic, athletic, personal, and professional growth.

Creating the Super Athlete Course

Creating the Super Athlete Course is designed to help young athletes develop attitudes that will enable them to perform better in their sport, excel in the classroom, and in public. This course teaches high school and college age athletes about honoring and respecting people, being a responsible athlete, and being an unselfish athlete. Within the Audio Workshop, the author uses her heartfelt personal experiences, as a student athlete, to show athletes why having these attributes as a part of their character is so important for success. The course videos go into detail about the concepts of honoring and respecting people, responsibility, and unselfishness. The videos also offer practical guides on how to apply each of these concepts to a student athlete’s life.

Included in this Course

  • Audio Workshop
  • Video Course
  • Introduction to Creating the Super Athlete
  • Honoring and Respecting People
  • Being a Responsible Athlete
  • Being an Unselfish Athlete
  • Discussion Question for the application of the concepts
  • Student Manual (PDF)
  • Parents and Coaches Manual (PDF)

Geraline L. Handsome

Geraline L. Handsome is a former Women’s Basketball Player for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). There she earned a B.S. degree in chemistry with a minor in mathematics. She has a MBA from the University of Phoenix. She is an Environmental Scientist and the mother of two. She is also the author of the book Sins of One Woman’s Mind and a former Huffington Post Contributor. Geraline L. Handsome served as an assistant coach for an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) girls’ basketball team.


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