Need a Motivational / Keynote Speaker for Your Athletes

Honoring and Respecting People, Responsibility, Unselfishness

  • Keys to great relationships
  • Keys to successful academic, athletic and professional careers
  • Keys to a safe and an enjoyable life

This workshop was very informative. . . . Geraline brought in a lot of her own personal experiences and the players really appreciated it. She taught the players how being respectful . . . carries you . . . and how being disrespectful follows you throughout your life. . . .The best thing about the workshop is that she taught that your attitude as a player does not start on the first day of college, it starts developing long before that. You can tell it was heart driven and she genuinely wanted to help other athletes.

Beverly KirkHead Coach of All Alabama Roadrunners AAU Team

She was very nice and spoke with a lot of enthusiasm.

Jaylyn S. AAU player

I enjoyed this workshop. She taught me how to take . . . responsibility as a student athlete. And manage my attitude during the game and outside of the game. . . . Respect my elders . . . respect my coaches.

Nadia C. AAU Player

I liked the workshop. She talked about how to be responsible on and off the court. And [how] I have to associate with people that are not in a bad place. I like her speaking and that she came to the workshop with her personal experiences.

Brook K. AAU Player

I enjoyed this workshop, and I’m glad she told us of her own personal experiences.

Lex H. AAU Player

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